Original Spišská KOSHER

Spiš, the region under the steep hills of the High Tatra Mountains in the heart of Europe. Majestic peaks of the High Tatras, clear springs as well as green basins full of spruce, are the witnesses of rich history in the north of Slovakia. The exceptional past of the Spiš region is represented by Celtic secrets, wisdom of the old Slavs and official royal memoirs. Its settlement dates back to old times since the Ice Age, the Stone Age, through the Celts and the Old Slavs, gradually incorporated in the Kingdom of Hungary over the years. Ancient castles, museums, open-air museums, churches as well as monasteries, along with the oldest preserved stone distillery in Central Europe, undoubtedly confirm the uniqueness of the picturesque region under the Tatra Mountains.

Enjoy a drop of the nature of historical Spiš.

Original Spišská KOSHER – The presence born in the past.

500 ml

Gift pack of 2 bottles of 700 ml + 3 glasses

Gift packaging 1 bottle 700 ml

Gift packaging 1 bottle 500 ml + 2 glasses

Gift packaging of miniatures 50 ml