Original Spišská Borovička 40% 0,7 l + Spišská Pear Brandy 40 % 0,7 l KOSHER

Original Spišská Borovička 40%

Mastership appreciation of the properties of ripe Juniper Berries creates the taste of traditional drink of Slovak people. A few centuries long experience protected by special formula encompasses the wisdom and experience of the Spiš’s distillers and the latest technology in order to create the finest spirit made of durum wheat. The European Committee also appreciated the exeptional properties of this traditional aperitif , and decided to award PDI (Protected Geographical Indication) to Spišská Borovička from Stará Ľubovňa.

Original Spišská Pear Brandy 40%

Original destillate of highest quality that embodies the traditional values of the Spiš region. Exceptional taste of juicy pear fruit from local orchards. A summer sunshine and delightful surprise in every drop of the drink. For lovers of fruit in its liquid form.