Spišská Pálenica

Spišská Pálenica is unique thanks to its design and the latest technology used in production of distillates.


The distillery has its own distillation equipment of total volume 2 x 1200 liters. We are able to process 14,400 liters of distillation ferment in both equipment units for 24 hours, which corresponds to 1,800 – 2,400 liters of 50 % distillate. For your information, it allows us to process total 5, 256, 000 liters of distillation ferment per a year during non-stop operation of the distillery. We operate multistage distillery that is reflected in high quality and purer distillates.

Maturation process

Produced distillates age in wooden oak barrels of volume 300 liters. Overall capacity of distillates storage is currently 150 thsd. liters. We have also five tanks made of French oak wood in the Spišská Pálenica, with total volume of 35 thsd. liters. Distillates are stored and age in these tanks and their taste consolidates.


The whole production process is based on automated production system. Thus, production process staff performs also as controllers. Main activities are performed via programmed system. It resulted in simplification of the whole production system from processing through fermentation up to distillation.


Original Spišská Borovička has been among the most valuable products of the Spišská Pálenica, bearing the Protected Geographical Label. Our company was also awarded with quality certificate KOSHER for the whole range of Spiš fruit distillates produced at the Spišská Pálenica.

KOSHER distillates are produced under the rabbinate supervision Orthodox Union Kosher. It is a New York based certification agency that certifies approx. 70% of food products worldwide and confirming the top quality of distillates Original Spišská KOSHER.