Spišská Pálenica

Spišská Pálenica continues the rich distilling tradition in the Spiš region, it is exceptional with its modern technologies that are unique for Slovakia and Europe.

Products of Spišská Pálenica

The Spiš´s Pub

Traditional pattern from the Spiš´s village Toryska represented a motif for the Spiš´s Pub opening. Each ornament used in the Spiš´s Pub has its symbolic.


History of distillation industry at the Spiš´s region is dated around year 1,500 BC. The oldest known distillation pot is also dated approximately in this period, found at the Myšia Hôrka at Spišský Štvrtok. Monks were those who probably brought the distillation skills to the Spiš´s region in the medieval ages. The first monasteries were built in the region in the 13th century. Since then, spirit has been produced there continuously, i.e. for eight centuries.