Jan II for Maria Gin pink 37,5% 50 ml

Following a rich history it is our honour to inherit and hand down the distilling tradition from generation to generation. Jan II for Maria Gin pink is a part of it!

About the procuct

Gin Jan II for Maria pink is based on London dry gin flavored with natural fruity taste of wild strawberries. Delicious notes of fruit and juniper (Juniperus Communis), saturated with macerate of 7 selected local herbs from the region of Spiš. Jointly, these ingredients create a delightful fruity aroma and rich balanced taste. Product quality is maintained by the process of 7-stage continuous distillation in copper stills at the Spiš distillery. Gin Jan II for Maria pink is an ideal base for preparation of long drinks. Enjoy a splendid atmosphere in the circle of your friends.

Ludwika Maria Gonzaga de Nevers

“Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.” Such was the “wife of two kings”, Ludwika Maria Gonzagade Nevers.

It´s been said that all bad is good for something. In Maria’s case, this is twice the truth. Maria was to become a wife of the King Władysław IV. Her beauty and her descent, however, did not help and the Polish king married Cecilia of Habsburg instead. After the death of Cecilia, Maria married Władysław IV. At the wedding, Maria meets his brother Jan who represents Wladyslaw IV. on this ceremony. After Władysław’s death, the strong-willed queen did everything for Jan II. Kazimierz Waza to become the king and her husband. Thanks to the queen’s charm and her wit this came true and in 1649 Maria stood in front of the altar again.

Maria was constantly looking out for new challenges during her life. She opened a literary salon in Paris and, following this example, the first literary salon in Poland. Jan II, out of great love for his wife, gifted Maria with his precious reserves of gin, which she then served to guests in the salon. The gin was often enriched with strawberries, which gave this drink an unmistakable pinkish tinge.

On many occasions, the intelligent and unyielding queen supported her husband, but managed him, too. Maria used her qualities during the Swedish invasion, when she persuaded the king to transport the Polish coronation jewels to secure and protect them within the solid walls of the Ľubovňa Castle.

Ludwika Maria died unexpectedly in Warsaw on May 10, 1667. Jan II Kazimierz abdicated the Polish throne a year later as he was not able by himself to cope with the heavy burden of responsibility of a Polish ruler. Every man needs a strong woman by his side, because even in chess, the queen protects the king. Building on the rich distilling history of this region, we are honoured to continue in the traditions of our ancestors and continually pass them down from generation to generation. Jan II for Maria Gin pink is one of them.