Zamoyski Brandy 40% 50 ml

Following the rich history it is our honour to inherit and hand down the distilling tradition from generation to generation. Zamoyski brandy is a part of it!

About the procuct

Nowadays Zamoyski brandy production starts with the selection of the best quality young wine of two varieties – Green Veltliner and Rizling, which undergo 7 stage distillation at maximum temperature of steam up to 85°C. This is how we obtain the purest distillate with maximum 65% ABV. Its maturing lasts min. 12 months in 300-liter barrels made of European oak, which grows at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. The open storage space, which temperatures range from -25 ° C to + 25 ° C, affects the process of ageing in a special way, as barrels at different temperatures provide for different variety and intensity of flavor and aroma. This greatly improves the sensoric qualities of brandy.

Zamoyski brandy will captivate you with its aromatic and slightly tart notes of vanilla oak, fruity notes of orange peel and fragrant spices.

Andrzej Przemysław Zamoyski

The aristocratic family of Zamoyski were the last owners of the Ľubovňa castle.

Andrzej Przemyslaw Zamoyski was astonished by the nature of Northern Spiš region with its unique water resources flowing out from the heart of the High Tatras mountains.

In 1882, he decided to buy the castle dominion together with the nearby spa Vyšné Ružbachy.

Two years later in Paris, Andrzej married Carolina de Bourbon, titled as „The Princess of Two Sicilies“. Out of the love for her husband she agreed to move and to live in the Spiš region. Together with a wealthy dowry she brought to the Ľubovňa castle the new alcohol distillation trend, and the new and yet unknown beverage – brandy.

It´s been said that wine imported to the castle dominion from the princess´ homeland encouraged local people to make distillate out of it, trying to imitate noble brandy of royal taste and aroma.

With its exceptional qualities this brandy acquired a respectable place on the castle table during all major negotiations and celebrations.