Slivovitz – Plum Brandy Reserva 52% 0,7 l

Following the rich history it is our honour to inherit and hand down the distilling tradition from generation to generation. Slivovitz – Plum Brandy RESERVA 52 % is a part of it!

About the product

Plum brandy RESERVA represents a top- class appreciation of the distillery tradition in the region Spiš.   Natural wealth that has been utilized by the distillers since the ages keeps in harmony with the tradition and the latest distillate production. Original recipe of the distillate has been preserved and it is produced directly in the Spiš´s Distillery.

This product is exceptional thanks to 7- stage distillation and ageing in the barrels made of English oak. Purity and fineness of the plum brandy comes from the water springs in the Tatra Mountains and specific filtration taking place at temperature of -9 °C. Blending takes place in wooden tanks made of French oak. Distillate ages in these tanks and its taste is blended.
The beverage encompasses the noble taste of ripened plums and its flavor can be partly attributed to the maturing in barrels.

Enjoy this exceptional masterpiece made for you with love.

0,7 l, 50 ml