Borovička Reserva 43% 0,7 l

Following the rich history it is our honour to inherit and hand down the distilling tradition from generation to generation. Borovička RESERVA 43 % is a part of it!

About the product

Borovička RESERVA 43% has been created by centuries-old use of the valuable properties of aromatic juniper berries of the Juniperus Communis variety, considered the most suitable variety for distillation. They are put to a masterful use by the masters of distillation in Spiš since 1797. The secret of the unique recipe for processing juniper berries has been preserved to this day and allows us to enjoy this elixir in its original form.

Only natural raw ingredients are used in the production of Borovička RESERVA 43%.
Juniper distillate is exceptional thanks to 7-stage distillation and 12 months – ageing in the oak barrels (Quercus Robur) that give irreplaceable fine bitterness to the beverage.
To enhance the taste, a natural macerate of juniper berries is added.
Borovička RESERVA 43% is very specific by its filtration, which takes place at a temperature of -9°C. By filtration at this temperature, the beverage becomes cleaner and softer.

The original, strictly protected recipe from Spišská Pálenica is a guarantee that the Borovička RESERVA 43% will not have to worry about its popularity and favour of consumers even in the future.

0,7 l, 50 ml