Apricot Brandy RESERVA 43%

Following the rich history it is our honour to inherit and hand down the distilling tradition from generation to generation. Apricot Brandy RESERVA 43 % is a part of it!

About the product

Apricot brandy RESERVA is pure fruit distillate made through 7-stage distillation in unique distillation equipment from company Arnold Holstein. Characteristic purity of apricot brandy is obtained thanks to water from the High Tatra mountains springs, while its fineness is obtained through filtration at temperature -9 °C. Apricot brandy ages and matures in barrels and vats made of French oak wood. Apricot brandy RESERVA is a 100 % natural product. This apricot brandy is typical with unique fine and smooth sweetish taste with underlying note of almonds and oak wood. The secret of preserved traditional recipes and the most advanced production allows us to enjoy this harmonic work, bringing a pleasant delight to body and soul.

0,7 l, 50 ml