Apple Brandy RESERVA 52%

Following the rich history it is our honour to inherit and hand down the distilling tradition from generation to generation. Apple Brandy RESERVA 52 % is a part of it!

About the product

Apple Brandy RESERVA is a true fruity distillate made at 7 stage of distillation. Its maturation and equalization take place in barrels made from French oak wood. It gains purity thanks to water from the Tatra Mountains springs and achieves characteristic softness through specific filtration that takes place at a temperature of -9 °C. Apple Brandy RESERVA is a 100% natural product. This drink hides the noble taste of ripened apples, and a bouquet completes aging in barrels. The traditional recipe, which is preserved and combined with the most modern production, enables us to enjoy this harmonious oeuvre and brings pleasant enjoyment for body and soul.

0,7 l, 50 ml